What robots need to do with disposable cutters

As anyone who once bought a printer cartridge knows. In particular, inkjet printers are grotesquely inexpensive, but printer ink is, as is known, one of the most expensive substances in the world. The same business model is also used for gaming consoles: the gaming hardware itself is sold at an astonishingly favorable price in relation to the market prices for the components, the games are expensive. Those who have a closed system and sufficient market penetration determine the rules to be played.

This has the effect for video game fans, for example, that certain titles do not run at all or only later on their own console, because the console manufacturer has made a deal with the developers. Artificial Intelligence of Putin’s Grace?

Because the huge platforms for artificial intelligence, which are just emerging, are constantly becoming better, more efficient through learning, they will soon be occupying a space in our everyday life that we can hardly imagine today. You will buy tickets for us, arrange appointments for us, shop, transmit news, exhort us to pack an umbrella. You will know a lot about us – and direct our money in certain directions, answer our questions in a certain way. They too, like Gillette’s razors, are pretty cheap for what they already have. However, every early user helps to train the machine. At the moment the giants of the industry are the only ones who have the means to build and operate such all-round co-workers. Mozilla wants to change that, with a, as a first step, open source system for voice recognition.

The basis for an intelligent digital assistant, which is neither Google nor Apple, nor Amazon, but all of us.

It is about the central question, whether artificial intelligence will in the future only be a product of a group. The great thing is: Anyone who is – at the moment, the project is limited to this one language – is powerful in English. He clicks here and then reads a few sentences aloud, as a learning material for the speech recognition software. Make it fast. Make sure that the robots with which we are speaking in the future belong to us.