US President Trump rejects any reproach in the Russia affair as lying or exaggerated

On the other hand, US President Trump rejects any reproach in the Russia affair as lying or exaggerated.

On the other hand, he now publicly declares that he is empowered to pardon in this matter. Also for yourself? US President Donald Trump has emphasized his “absolute authority” on pardons related to the Russia affair.

In a tweet, though, he understood that at that time he saw no need to think of even such a step, but he left the option open. Trump responded to a recent report from the Washington Post, asking the consultants about his ability to pardon offenders. This had triggered speculation, Trump could think of such an option in response to ongoing investigations in the Russia affair. Moscow is being accused of electoral influence, the investigation is about whether there have been agreements with members of the Trump election campaign team. In this context, the eldest son of the President, Donald Trump Jr., and his father-in-law Jared Kushner, have also made headlines. Does the President think of himself?

However, it is speculated not only that Trump thinks in the event of a pardon of relatives or consultants, which he considers competent in law, but also a pardon of himself. In his tweet, he wrote, “While we all agree that the President has full power to pardon, why think of it if the only crime against us are leaks.”

Trump was referring to a series of media reports in which contacts between election campaign workers and Russian representatives had been revealed. The fact that Trump spoke of a “complete power” in his tweet might imply that the New York Times sees no limits on his authority. So far, it has never happened that a president himself has pardoned himself.