Trump criticized a series of media reports

US President Donald Trump has emphasized his absolute authority to pardon the Russian emperor.

At the same time Trump on Twitter made it clear that there is currently no occasion for pardons. In the US President’s message, “Everyone agrees that the president has full power to pardon, but why think of it – the only crime so far is against us, leaks.” Trump is currently under massive pressure. A committee examines possible relations between his election campaign team and Russia. The investigations have long since reached the close circle of the President’s staff. Among them are his son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner as well as his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

There are speculations, Trump might consider pardoning his confidants if they are burdened in the course of the Russia investigation. Prior to this, the Washington Post reported that Trump and his legal advisors had investigated whether Trump could pardon his supporters, family members, and perhaps even himself. At present, it is controversial as far as the pardon rights of the US president go.

If Trump were to pardon themselves in the future, the Supreme Court could decide whether this would be compatible with the Constitution.

Trump criticized on Twitter a series of media reports, in which contacts between election campaign workers and Russian representatives had been revealed. Trump claimed the “illegal leaks” would have to stop. Instead, the connections from Hillary Clinton’s election campaign to Russia should be checked. “My son Donald has given his emails to the media and the authorities, while the dishonorable Hillary Clinton has deleted her 33,000 mails,” Trump claims on Twitter. That Trump in his tweet now spoke of his complete power to the pardon, according to the “New York Times” could mean that he sees no limits of his authority. So far, it has never happened that a president has pardoned himself.