The “Global Citizen Festival”

When Pharrell Williams brings some people from the audience to the stage at his last song at the “Global Citizen Festival”, the circle closes in a certain way. Because this evening, the stars are not the focus, but the visitors.

You, the “world citizens,” belongs to the spotlight. So at least the message of the many celebrities, politicians and musicians, who appear for this festival for democracy. And the audience also deserved it. It was a long and arduous way to get here. Stitched with tasks and obstacles.

The “Global Citizen Festival”, which describes itself as an action platform for a global generation of young people who want to cope with the most pressing challenges in the world, took place in Hamburg’s Barclaycard Arena, next to HSV’s Volksparkstadion. Actually with the S-Bahn easy to reach. But only a few stops before the goal, all concertgoers are forced to get out. According to the S-Bahn driver “protesters” are on the way to the station near the stadium. They would not be approached. It is not clear in Hamburg which days these demonstrators are. It is much demonstrated – parallel to the appearances of Coldplay and Shakira in St. Pauli is the “Welcome to hell” demo of the G20 opponents announced.

The “Global Citizens” are on their way to Arena. After twenty minutes in the sun the boat finally reaches a bus station. The nerves of the concert-goers are already slightly scratched – one threatens to miss the pre-show. They push into the bus. A young father with a child in his arms says he must get off with his baby carriage. “It could be difficult,” comments a sweaty global citizen and simply stands in the way. Another, after he is out of the bus, drinks his water bottle eagerly and simply throws it against a tree. The refuse containers are exactly one meter away. No matter, until the finish is only a few minutes.