Safe engraving prompts capture

Lastly, a couple were arrested on Saturday in Antalya and a teenager in Canakkale in the south-west of the country for this reason, as the news agency Dogan reported.

The Turkish authorities see in the imprint a support message for the putschists who had tried a year ago to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The arresting wave had begun after a defendant’s appearance in a trial against alleged putschists who had worn a T-shirt bearing the “hero” label.

Erdogan then said that the defendants should be brought to the courtroom in the case of processes in uniform orange clothing similar to the inmates of the US prison camp Guantanamo. Within a week, according to the news agencies Dogan and Anadolu, at least 15 people were arrested because they wore T-shirts with the imprint “hero” in capital letters and the slogan “heroes are immortal”. Most were students or workers. At least two are now arrested “terrorist propaganda”.

According to Dogan, the youngsters who were arrested on Saturday were reported by passers-by. He had been forced by police officers to wear a red T-shirt before he was taken to the police commissariat.