Left calls for expelling stop for Turks

“If the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns about leaving Turkey in Turkey, there must also be a deportation stop for Turkish nationals,” said Left Party leader Bernd Riexinger of the “World”.

This was even more so since the Turkish intelligence service was also active against Turks who had fled to Germany. Asylum seekers have increased since the trial At the moment “no one can be sure of being arrested in Turkey, unless one is a warrant or wife of the Erdogan regime”, says Riexinger.

The German Ministry of the Interior informed the newspaper that it was holding back the repatriation of rejected Turkish asylum seekers. As of the end of May, 6514 Turkish nationals who were staying in Germany were obliged to leave the country as stated by the German Ministry of the Interior, which quoted the “World”. Both Turkish citizens who had been convicted and their asylum seekers were rejected. After the coup attempt on 15 July 2016, the number of asylum seekers from Turkey had risen significantly.

Last year 5742 Turkish asylum applied for asylum in Germany. In the first half of 2017 about 3200 more were added. Union against deportation The Union spoke out against a stop of deportations.

“There is currently no reason for a general suspension,” said Stephan Mayer (CSU), the Uni- versity’s interior expert, of the “world”. Every deportation already precedes an in-depth examination of the individual case, he emphasized. “It goes without saying,” whether the affected persons in their home country are threatening political persecution or inhuman treatment “.