Jay-Z apologizes to his wife Beyoncé for a side-jump


Let us first speak of money. It’s because of its rugged crowd that Jay-Z’s new album was expected to be hot in the hiphop media since its promulgation a few weeks ago. And in an exclusive interview this icon confesses it all. 

Now the hip-hip icon has published it, initially, of course, exclusively via his own streaming service Tidal. Jay Z recently broke down in another interview, it was a crazy show and proved shocking to all of those close to his wife and to him. It is called “4:44”, which Jay-Z himself confesses with the time at which the song as it were in his sleep – it was a shock and the best of his career, whose debut “Reasonable Doubt” could. In “4:44”, the 47-year-old now apologizes to his wife Beyoncé for a side-jump, which she had already indicated on her excellent last album “Lemonade” and for which her sister Solange had already slapped his brother-in-law and those close to him were shocked.

However, while Jay-Z now has the open and responsible family father and husband, you can see a second, perhaps the meta-level, by tapping the album title while holding down the Shift key and getting three dollar bills if a man confessed, it was him. Every rapper sings a song about being the richest and best. Jay-Z has always liked to show how these aspects of his personality manifest. His trick is with him. Several of his albums justify the artistic superlative and the 21 Grammys, especially the early to 2003, when he signed off for a few years to become CEO at the traditional label Def Jam. In financial terms, he makes the name of his Roc-a-Fella company – besides Platten, among others confessions. Dresses, champagne and athletes – all his show and all his honor. Ald will be Shawn Carter, as his baptismal name, as a rapper sitting next to Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump in the billionaire club – although he will not understand the latter: the family Carter is well known with the Obama and has supported Hillary Clinton.

And Jay-Z comes from the black precariat at all – and this album is of great importance to this album. At the very least, he is aiming at a larger cast, as if he wanted to match the critical and angry Beyoncé toe to toe in confessionals. In fact, he has changed from the noir-realistic to an African-realistic icon based on the way he confessed. On the last album “Magna Carta” he went back to Africa in “Ocean”, and in “Picasso, Baby” he gave the Haterbourgeoisie the cliché of the dull rapper back when he happily held Bling branded goods with the purchase of bourgeois high culture From Leonardo to Warhol and Basquiat – before he declared himself to be the new Picasso. When he took the title for six hours (and visited by Marina Abramovic) MoMA visitors in the face, he was also at the appropriate place.