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Donald Trumps new communications boss Scaramucci has discarded digital contaminated sites on Twitter that were in conflict with the US president. Among other things, he had praised Trumps’ counterpart Clinton.

Now, however, he has further developed his convictions. Anthony Scaramucci, the new communications chief of the US President, has deleted old tweets from his user account that are not consistent with Donald Trump’s views. He had further developed his convictions, he did not want to distract the old, he wrote in a posting on Twitter. “I serve @POTUS’s agenda (the name of the US president’s Twitter account) and that’s all that matters,” said Scaramucci. He also applied his tweet with the comment “full transparency” to take the wind out of the sails of the action.

In the social media, users previously shared tweets from Scaramucci who, in contrast to trumps and views, shared A tweet in which he praised the Democratic presidential candidate in the US elections last year, Hillary Clinton.

The distribution took place after Trump on Friday had declared to make the Wall Street banker his communications. With Scaramucci’s appointment, the public messages of the White House are to be made more uniform.

In addition, Trump repeatedly complained in the past that there were too many leaks in his government. Other tweets, which contradict Trumps beliefs, were, for example, a posting from August 2012 when Scaramucci pronounced sharper arms laws. In May last year, he complained online about people who believe that climate change is invented. Trump had described global warming as fraud. The US president himself defended Scaramucci in a tweet. He had wanted to support him even before the Republican primaries, but Scaramucci had not thought he would be a candidate